Beans or Ground - How much?

Papua as an origin is actually a little more complicated than it used to be. In the "Olden days" PNG was Papua- ie Papua New Guinea, the eastern side of the Island of Papua/Irian. PNG has had Estate Grown coffee- Mt Willhem, Mt Hagen etc. Generally very good arabica, generally but not always) Estate Grown.

I am in Indonesia so I am only dealing with coffee grown on the Western side of the line drawn down the middle of the island- in the Indonesian provinces that layer the east like tiger stripes. Here all the coffee is grown by small holders, no estate grown coffee what so ever. The arabica currently being shipped out of Indonesian Papua currently does not exceed 200mt a year- 11 measly shipping containers!! Toper and other roasters will say that is miniscule in volume, and it is. However this is some of the best Arabica I have ever had the privallege of roasting (take a look at my website for some pictures on just how remote these areas are!)

You know when I was commenting about my perception that coffee standards in NZ have slipped a bit in the last decade, I wondered if you would ask me why. Around 95% of all green imported into NZ is brought in by 1 company. I think that this is the crux of the problem. I am pretty suprised that there are not more independent roasters importing their own greens...its not like its incredibly difficult to do into NZ.

OK, will for sure get some greens your way when someone goes back from here.

Cheers Alu.

I was just this morning talking with a smaller roaster who almost took the step of importing x2 shipping containers a while back. He decided not to and now regrets his decision.