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Aug 25, 2006
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hi, im new.

I have heard that moka-java is the worlds favorite blend but is this true? Of course coffee is all about personal preference, but do most people prefer it?
(i say "Moka" since they spell is so many ways but thats the name of the place it originates from)
Mocha Java is boring, try Celebes Kalossi Toraja

Single Origin coffees (coffees from a single region) are more interesting, try Celebes Kalossi Toraja Coffee (Indonesia) for a real treat. Trying diffferent single origin coffees will enlighten you to what blends you may like best.

Blends are nice to suit the individual. I believe this is a more advanced step since you need much experience with many coffees to perfect your personal blend. Otherwise, you're just guessing and have a blend that was mostly an accident. Usually one finds a coffee of specific origin that most suits them. They just have to be patient. Others like to say they have created a blend like they're Mr. (or Ms.) Coffee. The Indonesian coffees, as mentioned, are excellent because of the fruitiness they can contain. As far as Moco, it's great but a lot of coffee's are labeled that without actually being true Moco. Doesn't matter how you spell it. You know what you're talking about. I'm stuck on Ethiopean peaberries because of their delicate fruity flavor. Rost my own and go from there. Occasionally add some Costa Rican varieties and the blend's nice. But not necessary. As life can be good with one woman, it can be as good with one origin.

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In my office house we use blend 5 different beans but I have been trying single origin coffee in past few years for myself. Brazillian, costa rican, Ethiopian, nicaraguan and many more. Yes it is true to the point where single origins are fun and interesting to my taste but most of my friends always reply with .... it is very mild, or flavorful but not very strong....

I haven't met anyone who did not like my single origin coffee but I still do not serve them at my coffee house since we try to cater to most of people who are more Star Bucks trained or think taste of coffee should be bitter and sour....(not saying my coffee is bitter and
One of my favourites is the Sacred Blend from Sacred Grounds Organic coffee. It's blended from 6 different origin Arabica beans from PNG, Indonesia, East Timor, Africa and Central and South America. I'm guessing the large variety of origins is what gives it the fantastic rich flavour, plus it's got the benefit of being all organic. Global Organic Coffee usually has this and other great branded blends on sale from time to time so it's well worth a look if you want to save some money :)