Best coffee maker with built-in grinder, hot water dispenser, and espresso/drip functionality?


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Oct 18, 2022
Cambridge, MA, USA
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I'm looking for the best possible coffee maker that combines as many of the following attributes as possible: built-in grinder, hot water dispenser (for tea), and dual drip coffee/espresso functionality. This is for use by about 20 people in a work kitchenette. Is there anything out there that covers all these bases? Should I shop separately for one machine that does drip+hot water, and another that does espresso?


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Jan 27, 2022
Upstate New York
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I am not a big fan of all in one machines. Ill tell you why. If something breaks or wears out, (something will break and/or wear out I promise) and you replace that function with a stand alone machine, you are not all in one any more. Pretty soon you are three machines, two single function and one multi function with two functions that don't work. Then four machines, then five.... Separate machines for separate functions, and if (when) something breaks or wears out, you just replace it.

Also, you can optimize your purchases. Get the best grinder you can afford, the best espresso machine, the best drip machine, pour over, best french press, the best water kettle. No compromise. A multifunction machine can often do one or two things well and the rest merely adequately.
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Oct 26, 2023
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I realize that this an old tread, but to answer the question, I'd recommend calling Seattle Coffee Gear (or a similar professional coffee retailer).
Toll-free 866-372-4734
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