Best Grinder for a syrupy espresso


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Aug 31, 2022
San Diego
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Hi guys,

what grinder do you suggest for a syrupy espresso?(that will not cost an arm and a leg)

I was reading that the Baratza Encore has some limitation since you can only use it in pressurized portafilter.

I am plaining to use a Gaggia Classic Pro (and maybe convert it to Gaggiuino)



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May 11, 2014
Kansas City
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Honestly, the Encore may work but not really a dedicated espresso grinder. The Sette is the entry level Baratza grinder. It really depends on what you define as an arm and a leg :)


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Keep in mind the coffee being used is the main contributing factor (mainly process method and roast level based on what I've used), but I do indeed get more texture with conicals. Not a drastic difference compared to the flat burr electric I have using 'traditional' 64 mm burrs, but a quality hand grinder is just tough to beat. My current (last) hand grinder is the Helor 106 that uses 71 mm Mazzer Robur burrs. It is costly, but clearly designed/built for this lifetime of use. Previously I had a JE-PLUS from 1ZPresso and it was fantastic, especially for the price point.

Will attach pics of a typical extraction as I am really into what I call insane ristrettos... using dry processed coffees taken just to full city and typically am at a 1:1 in 60+ seconds, as in 19.2 g in/out in that time range. I don't like to see the 1st drop until around 20 seconds. I rarely bother paying attention to time/volume/ratios, but will once in a black moon out of curiosity. That type of extraction is intense, but quite smooth/syrupy.

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