Best singlecup pod/own coffee machine where the coffee is 195 degrees?


May 21, 2022
Southeast USA
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Honestly there will always be those that think they have a unique sense of taste, smell, etc., but at the end of the day who cares? I don't buy into the cupping, etc. as that can clearly result in sensory overload. All that matters to me is what I crank out of my setup in my home that I find superb. Makes no difference how others would judge that as I feel the need to impress nobody.

Granted some in this world are lost and seek out guidance, then usually find the end result disappointing when what others recommend is a waste to them. Keep in mind that when someone is labeled an expert/professional it simply means they usually earn an income from it, never a guarantee that they excel at it.

PM me your address and I will send some fresh hand roasted coffee and a box of tissue!
Hey Shadow:
That's great that you think your bean selection and roasting are great and you enjoy your brew. I'm sure your posting this not to impress anyone with how smart and skillful you are. This thread started with someone asking for advice and I made the point that bean selection is one of the important parts of the process and that one source of information is a rating by reviewers. At a minimum, it's a starting point rather than randomly buying beans. We disagree on the value of reviews, but probably agree that what you personally like is unique to you. I appreciate your generous offer and am sure you are justifiably proud, but I think we can both agree the important thing is that you like it.