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Apr 8, 2007
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I've began roasting my own beans and I'm looking to create a smooth everyday coffee blend that can be usd in a french press.
It seems that a lot of pre-packaged coffee is 10% robusta 90% arabica. Is the robusta added for flavour or is it to keep costs down. Would you suggest adding some rubusta to my blend?
garyscottadamson said:
Would you suggest adding some rubusta to my blend?
Not for French press...the main reason Robusta is sometime used in a Blend is where it adds something. The common belief being that in an Espresso blend (at a level of 10-20%) it helps for a denser and more long lasting crema, thus trapping more of the aroma. It has slightly more caffiene as well (but at %s commonly used in an espresso blend, the added "kick" is debatable.

As for taste, it's not hugely tastey, sort of very bland coffee...I once gave a Coffee workshop, where I made all the participants a pure Robusta Coffee...all of them enjoyed it in a variety of drinks :)

This is either a sad reflection of the expectation of the average consumer....or I'm a really, really great roaster :wink:
No on the Robusta.
Start with sourcing top quality beans and do your Press Single Origin. No need to blend yet. Understand all the flavors first before attempting to combine them. There are a lot of generals, but it needs to start with what is working for your palate.