Boracay’s STABLES REAL COFFEE: 4 Best Coffees in the Islan

coffeetology girl

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Jun 12, 2006
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Hi Fellow Coffee Lovers:

If you happened to you visit BORACAY, don’t’ forget to pass by STABLES REAL COFFEE AND TEA between boat station 1 and boat station 2. They serve the best coffees in the island. STABLES is simply a nipa hut with counter stools; to compliment with their native ambiance, they serve coffee prepared in traditional way -- that is via stove top espresso. Like the typical espresso machines, stove top espresso produces authentic coffee shot; however, you have to put it on a stove like a pot, and wait for the water to boil before serving. (If you wish to know more about stove top espresso, kindly visit our “7 types of brewingâ€