BunJava - New Coffeeshop - Floorplan


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Jan 19, 2008
Cocoa Beach, FL
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Update: Caught in red tape hell. Submitted the paperwork to the state. The city lost the contractor's paperwork so we had to wait for him to resubmit it to them before we apply for a demolition permit. Now the a**holes say they are understaffed due to illness and vacation so it will take a damn week instead of a day. Talked to a dude who just opened a small Italian place three weeks ago. Said he started pushing paper last November and just opened up. Welcome to sunny Florida where the government is waiting with a knife in your back.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Just be prepared for the long haul. Hope you had some working capital and hopefully it wasn't all in loans. We have all seen business's come and go without ever serving a single customer.


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Apr 13, 2008
Fort Myers, Florida
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The storage area looks a little small. you will need to store your flavorings, dry goods and resealable coffee bags of beans.

If you haven't decided on a roaster or do-it-yourself, we supply quite a lot of shops in Florida.
We normally ship the next day after ordering. Monin, Coffee & Sauces. We will work with you on the house blends and type of roasts too.

PM me for our wholesale price sheet.


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Jun 30, 2006
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CCafe said:
I guess the first question I have regards your roaster. Do you really want to roast? I think you could save a lot of time and money if you were to start out with Roasting company like BocaJava, you might want to talk to Topher. Then you could expand your business if its prospering.

Otherwise the space you have allocated for the roaster seems a tad small. Plus I don't think I would let anyone sit that close to it. Might want to check if you are going to need an afterburner for your roaster too.

Who says it will save time and money NOT roasting? I think it's the best part of your plan. Product differentiation and brand creation is vital or else your just another distributor for some roaster who you are paying a huge premium to.

The financial aspect is huge. If you want bad coffee you can get it for $5 or $6 a pound. Good stuff will cost you $8 plus. Intelligentsia five pound commercial pillow sack, medium roast house was going for $11.65 a pound without shipping last week.

Roast your own at $7 per pound (very high estimate BTW) out the door and you'll most likely be paying your rent with savings while getting fresh custom roasted in store offerings with absolutely no waste. Sell someone else's and you can forget whole bean sales too. And when the holidays roll around and you start selling gift baskets you'll be one happy store roaster! :D

Good luck!