Well it's a lovely 24 but it feels like 9 with a slight WNW breeze of 20Mph with a few gust up to 30. A little precipitation in the form of that white stuff.

Now I must go hop in the car and drive a 120 miles north to go work on espresso machine. Business is good!
I hear ya! This time of year is crazy...cooler weather has AZ drinking hot coffee, add in the holidays, special events and like CCafe, the more than occasional 120mile service call or emergency coffee delivery.

Keep your eyes open and your stacks clean!
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OMG!! It is freezing today...the temp is just under 70 degrees...sigh couldn't drive my bike today :cry:
I walked my dog this morning and it was only 13. I thought it felt rather nice. What sucks is when it’s cold and "WiNdY"! Then again when it’s below 60 up here I don’t see a lot of people riding either!
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I honestly do not know how y'all do it....that is freakin cold..oh by the way it warmed up a bit...got to take the bike up to the store to get my beer...haha and I had a short sleeve shirt on :p
Its currently dumping between 2" to 4", so since I feel bad for you here is some snow!


If you still want some, I will Next Day Air you some on dry ice!
This is my most recent picture of how things are here- hot and humid- raining quite some. The wet season has started- meaning in the mornings its cooler, by lunch really hot- then the big thunder storms roll down off the mountains behind my roastery. It never amazes me to watch this- you can quite literally see the thunder heads struggle accross the top of the volcanic peaks, then hesitate and rush down towarss us.

Well its nice to see some green! The great thing about living here is you do get to see all 4 seasons. It can be fun but hard too. A lot of people move out of Iowa when they retire, I guess I can't blame them. I think I understand why.

This morning’s low was -2F (-19C) and my 10-Day outlook isn't looking that great. Well that not completely truthful, in about 6 days it will be back in the high 30's which is a lot more bearable!

http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/5 ... undeclared
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all 4 seasons? I thought there where only 2....It is a beautiful winter day here...around 70-75 degrees...and I think I might take my motorcycle out today... :p