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May 27, 2004
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Can anyone point me to a online store that has good gourmet coffees? I just started drinking some Kona blends and they are excellent. The problem is that I live out in the sticks and do have access to any coffee shops. Thanks for your help.


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Jun 30, 2004
Woodstock, GA
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I just happened to be searching for the web for coffee information, came across this forum, and saw your post. has Kona Captain Cook Estate, Jamaican Blue Mountain Wallenford Estate, as well as lesser priced blends made from the respective coffees.

Those are two well-known coffees, but the world has a lot more to offer. Here's a link to 27 more:

You also get a free half-pound of whatever the featured coffee is on the home page with any purchase. Right now it's Zambia Terranova Estate, but it changes about every 3 weeks.

It's not listed on the site, but if you spend at least $40 and enter the word FREEDEAL in the coupon code field, you'll get free shipping as well. You have to choose the Economy Shipping option for this to work properly.

Hope this helps!