By-pass doser malfunction, anyone? Gaggia Syncrony...


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Dec 2, 2006
California, USA
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My Gaggia by-pass doser has started malfunctioning.

I push the control panel button for preground coffee (my occasional decaf + regular for my large cup), the display shows everything ready, I take off the doser cover and drop in one scoop of decaf and push the size button to despense. Then, the machine tamps, makes some noises and then drops the coffee into the dreg drawer without sending water through the puck!?!

It did this one time a couple of weeks ago and I thought that I'd done something wrong... brushed it off as "operator error" and just reloaded the machine and everything went as designed. Didn't give it another thought until a couple of days ago when it did it again... I reloaded with another scoop of decaf and it dumped it again!

Since it was my first cup of the day, I was still asleep and I thought that my students didn't deserve a teacher who was high on a double shot, I loaded it again out of despiration but it dumped that one too... well, I opted for the caffinated second shot and my fourth graders got the "jumpy" teacher!

Now, I need some advice... this ever happen to you? If so, what do I do?

Thanks, folks!