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Nov 23, 2007
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Autumn in Maine

Thanks Mr. B. However I've not been hibernating, but rather feeding in deep waters for a while. Lots going on, requiring much focus. I found a half hour today and remembered the forums. It has been a while. Glad to be back.

We've had a wonderful second half of summer and beginning of fall-time here in the Pine State. Hurricane Ike spared us here.

I had opportunity to be in Columbus during the week following that storm's passing. On the Wednesday evening my reserved hotel was without power. It was a challenge to find lodging that night. The poor folks in that region were without power for days following.

And of course that was nothing compared to those on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Remember the coffee gal on the beach in Texas that joined the forum for a while? I wonder how she fared ....

Here in Maine we are in full color. We enjoy much of the Autumn colors that many in the Northeast share. Our uniqueness is the prolific pines that intermingle with the maples and others that turn into dramatic colors this time of year. We have the reds, oranges and yellows combining throughout with evergreens. All the more contrast. What a fine pallet we enjoy this time of year.

It will continue to cool as the season progresses. This is indeed coffee country, and we like it rich and heavy. Come to Maine and share the clean air and crisp senses. Forgive the cliche: It is Wicked Good!


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