Caffeine allergy??


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Apr 4, 2015
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Hi :)
I'm new here and wondering what you guys make of this story?

I was running a half marathon today and had to be up and out of bed by 6am and on the road for 7am. It was too early for coffee so I had a cup of tea, ate my breakfast and made a take away cup of tea for the drive (I didn't want coffee as trying to find a toilet at the start of a race is a disaster.)

So I collected my brother and we drove to the race start (about an hour away.)

We got in amongst the 2500 runners, the race kicked off and we start the run.

I absolutely smashed the 1k, the 2k, the 3k and continued for the other 18k and set records all over the place. I placed ahead of so many good runners I know it was unreal :)

So I met my brother and we decided to have food somewhere on the way home. I was happy and content and thought I would keep the buzz going with a cappuccino.

I drank the cappuccino, and and all of a sudden in the restaurant I felt a little more self conscious, even paranoid but I was ok.

By the time I had dropped my brother to his house and drove home, my head was filled with horrible negative thoughts, feelings of doom, anxiety and I actually started to feel like there was no hope?! Who could I call to help.
About an hour later i felt so stressed and started to feel aggressive, so I won't for a walk to cool down.
What the actual feck happened?? I thought I was going crazy.
I think so too. I had a similar feeling when I didn't do sports and ate junk food. But when I noticed that I gained a lot of extra weight, I started doing sports. I also visited the doctor and thought buy wegovy online. I also made a meal plan. It helped me lose weight and I also stopped feeling anxious and stuff like that
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