Caffeine and L-Theanine: Anyone tried this combo?


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May 25, 2020
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Some people consider caffeine to be a nootropic as it effectively boosts certain mental functions, like alertness. L-theanine is also considered a natural nootropic and an anxiolytic/calming substance that reduces caffeine-associated jitters.

I've read a lot of positive user experiences about these two substances taken together, but mostly on commercial websites that sell this sort of supplements. Supposedly, the combination has a synergistic cognition enhancing effect, helps you relax, reduces stress and anxiety, and protects your brain from cognitive decline. (source and study references)

Has anyone tried l-theanine with caffeine or coffee before? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts about it.
I have tried this combination of coffee and L-theanine several times. As a result, my body was very relaxed, and my thoughts were clear. Maybe it was just a placebo effect. Our body gets used to coffee very quickly, so I periodically do a coffee detox which helps my body feel much better. In addition, we must understand that not all the necessary substances come to us from food and we need to take something in addition. I'm now talking about amino acids that I advise everyone to take. On the site, I found the necessary information as well as a very high-quality range of products of various amino acids that I use. I work out in the gym very often and my classes are very intense, so it is very important for me to take BCAA for example. BCAAs are by far the most important amino acids for building my muscle mass.
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