Caffeinism, Caffeine Psychosis


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Mar 7, 2003
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Scientists have released a report on how caffeine is related to aggression, paranoia and other health problems.

They have compiled a list of their findings and coined the terms "Caffeinism" or "Caffeine Psychosis".

I noticed similar actions when I was a coffee drinking teenager at home. I had always assumed it was just a regular part of growing up.

reply with your thoughts about this, or experiences in a caffeinated psychosis.
Wow...thanks for the great insight...shut up...sorry..are you looking at me? stop touching me...ok I am back....sorry it is hard to type with my hands shaking so much! To be honest the only way caffiene affects me is if I drink too much coffee it will make me a bit shakey 0r a bit snappy but its not my fault if people didn't act so stupid...ok sorry need another cup..... :shock:
Every stimulant has an effect that is why it is a drug. I have no doubt that caffeine is tied to any of the stimulating effects to increase the bodies actions. I do find when I have agression I stay away from hot drinks. Paranoia, mMMmm that is just for those guinee pigs that were locked up in the white room wearing straight jackets for their testing, yah i'd be paranoid too ;)
You that you mention it. I've noticed a similar reaction to NOT having my daily coffee consumption. Everyone reacts differently, I guess. I think that I'll get back to force-feeding my white mice, pounds of saccharin, now.
Great point--I am a completely different person if I haven't had my coffee right after breakfast. (No matter what's going on, I go get my double americano first thing)

My supervisor at my internship this summer thought about expensing my morning java because it seemed like such a necessity and made me so much more productive :D
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I just got finished reading what to me looked like a rather biased article against coffee,
The study is with a 500mg pill of caffeine, not a cup of coffee. and I do beleive 500mg of caffeine is about 10 cups of coffee! I am pretty sure most anyone not used to this amount of caffeine per day will have feelings of stress.
Certainly, one does develop tolerance...

In periods when I am not drinking coffee for extended periods, and then I suddenly drink alot, I get jitters and insomnia, but if I'm drinking liters per day (like lately), I can drink a pot and fall asleep immediately (at night, anyway).

Some interesting info from this site, although it does appear to present a rather negative bias towards caffeine:

The site itself is addictive- I originally ended up at it trying to find out if dolphins and whales sleep (asked by my kids).

It also presents interesting info on the history of coffee, coffee growing, brewing, etc.:
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First off, I love the how stuff works site, I've lost many hours reading info about LEDs and DVRs on their site.
The story is not too one sided but still interesting, this paragraph is my favorite.
Caffeine is an addictive drug. Among its many actions, it operates using the same mechanisms that amphetamines, cocaine and heroin use to stimulate the brain. On a spectrum, caffeine's effects are more mild than amphetamines, cocaine and heroin, but it is manipulating the same channels, and that is one of the things that gives caffeine its addictive qualities.
Since I have been accused for the usage of amphetamines when I had a few (to the power of 5) too many caffeinated drinks [ coffee, jolt, bawls, etc... ].
caffeine psychosis

caffeine is certainly a stimulant of the sympathetic nervous system, and thus increases adrenaline, generally substances that increase the conversion of tyrosine to catecholamines have some backlash in the mesolimbic pathway (such as amphetamine s and cocaine), thus causing a psychotic side effects, I am a big coffee drinker myself, and so have wonderd about this for some tiime....could caffeine act like a dopamine agonsit and precipitate psychosis? inteersting stuff! :p
Overclocked on Caffiene

:D I drink about 700mg of caffiene derived frome a 32oz cup of starbucks espresso roast drip brew, I think coffee is essential to mental peformance especialy being in a communications career field in the Air Force. I can more quickly anylize fault situations in euipment and determine the means to fix it. Raw mental performance and exceleration are a plus. I compare coffee to overclocking you can overclock a system so high before it becomes unstable and fails performing erratically. I think my daily intake is close to 1 gram of caffiene.
coffee-induced psychosis

i was searching the ne for this very thng and stumbled across this page so i decided to chime in.

i actually suffer from coffee-induced psychosis. i have no idea why, but my java-fueled exploits are legendary among my family and friends.

i used to drink pots and pots of coffee in hours. i had 4 friends and we'd hole up in the smoking section of ihop in dallas and drink 10 pots of coffee between us. i could drink 4 pots alone. then i moved back to vegas and slowed down on the coffee. i didn't drink any for a few months but then i went to hiop with a pal and had 2 cups. this was around 3am. at 5am i was spackling a hole in my mom's guest room that had been left there by the removel of a planter hook, going on about aliens. then i got all scared of the windows. on another occasion i had a frappucino and almost put a barbecue skewer through my ear because i just KNEW aliens were broadcasting signals from the stratosphere tower on the strip.

i have no idea why this happens. i eat chocolate, drink tea, and copious amounts of pepsi. even jolt cola. nothing. but something in coffee sends me off the deep end.

</crazy story>
Are all these effects (heart-rate, adrenaline, stress in general) consistent with only one cup of coffee per day? Are they weaker? I'm debating whether or not I should drop coffee altogether.

Some interesting info from this site, although it does appear to present a rather negative bias towards caffeine:... I just got finished reading what to me looked like a rather biased article against coffee...

Don't give out that biased bullshit. Articles about the supposed benifits of coffee obviously wont tell much about the negative effects. These "how to" site only point out the main effects of caffeine on the body from more sources than just coffee... it wouldn't have anything about antioxidants.
Don't give up coffee-- just find a healthier alternative

Hi guys-- I hate to think of you giving up coffee altogether. Like Ganoman, I found the healthy coffee and love it.

My ex's mother called me last night- she has been diagnosed with cancer. I sent her a couple boxes and told her to switch- she tried it and like it. She went tothe doc yesterday and he told her her blood pressure had dropped back into the normal range. She is so excited and she couldn't thank me enough.

Anyway, my point is- there is something to chinese herbs and the reishi neutralizes out the caffeine and acid in the coffee. It's not chemically decaffeinated-- so it is tasty (my opinion of course) and it is good for you AND provides 5 hours of energy! Before giving it up, try the alternative- you may be very happy you did. I will send you a sample if you want to try it-- No strings attached. :)

Have a great day!