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Forrest Gump

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May 8, 2008
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On this forum we often talk about the best coffee (best roast,grind, bean, etc) but what about those of us that are stuck with the bad stuff due to our family's bad taste or the fact that the bad stuff is cheaper. I recently found a clip on YouTube that says that if you are stuck with crap then a french press can make the experience tolerable for you. Here is a link to the clip below.
Bad Coffee - French Press?

Well only you can be the judge. It's your pallet. Personally I would sooner drink tea or some other hot drink than suffer through Chase and Sanborn.

Maybe you need to take the lead in your family and find your own personal specialty coffee. This is for your own consumption. Use the French press, so you won't have to share. Then be blatant. Drink it in front of them. Savor its goodness and richness. Talk about its subtle raspberry and chocolate undertones.

You might make believers out of them. Soon they'll be following your lead. Or maybe they'll throw you out of the house. It's a risk. Life is full of risk.

Again, consider that they might be alien beings. They might be attempting to abduct you (they are probably recent abductees themselves).

One sure way to find out - try some home roasting. If they're aliens, this should drive them into hysterical bliss. When you try this, if you experience hysterical laughter ... RUN FORREST, RUN!

(I had to say it before Caffe Biscotto did)