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Mar 31, 2022
Harrison Twp. Michigan
This is the very first time I have ever posted on a Forum site. Is it against the rules to describe a coffee roasting business idea for feedback? Also, can you please direct me to where/how to post about this? I of course don't want to hijack a thread. I enjoy the discussions! Please bear with the Noob!



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Mar 31, 2022
Harrison Twp. Michigan
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Thanks Musicphan.

I have been roasting for 3 years with an experienced (10+ yrs) friend. I would like input on starting an unusual roasting side hustle.

My idea is to roast coffee at high end weddings as a show. What couple wouldn't want a coffee roaster at there wedding.

I am an engineer, metal fabricator and car restorer. I want to incorporate a 5kg or smaller roaster into a restored Model T truck. I would convert The Model T to electric. We would also serve coffee and espresso on the same rig. Roasting machines are beautiful. Model T's are as well.

Outdoor weddings would be perfect. I know a lot of venues that we could set up the roaster outside and people could see it through picture windows. Especially at golf courses.

I know the issues. The noise. The smoke. The fact that freshly roasted coffee needs time to off gas. I know roasting in different temps and weather conditions can be a major challenge.

We would use coffee that we roasted before the wedding for the coffee bar. The coffee that we roast at the venue could be a gift for all of the guests to take home.

I'll bet a lot of business functions would be interested as well.

I think all of the issues are manageable.

As we all know, enormous amounts of money are spent on weddings. Not many people have witnessed the beauty in the process. Do it successfully and I think
brides to be will be knocking down your door.

Brutal honesty please.


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May 11, 2014
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My 2 cents... I think the conversion of the Model T to a catering truck is brilliant and would certainly appeal to a lot of clients. However, you are limiting yourself to outdoor events (and of course weather dependent). Are there enough weekends per year to make sense for the investment?

Regarding the roasting - I think it's a bad idea - specifically if weddings are your target market. I don't think you will find many Brides wanting something that distracts from the DJ/Band/Entertainment. Cool beverage service, Yes. Add in all of the challenges which I think you have grasp on I simply don't see a huge benefit. I highly recommend getting opinions from Brides.