Chinese Roasters - Professional Opinion


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Apr 2, 2013
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Ah CoffeeJunky you had to wind him up again :) - his posts are a riot - NORTH COFFEE NORTH COFFEE lol he is probably using google translator too.

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Aug 14, 2003
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I noticed there was some flex pipe in the picture above. Please tell me you don't plan on using this to exhaust your roaster. If you do please reconsider. Flex works on small roasters for testing but for long term use you will have a fire. Also noticed that your hopper is missing..hopefully they will pack that before shutting the crate.


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Oct 26, 2016
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Yes. i bought from NORTH COFFEE directly, as to tax and duties, i entrusted local forwarder to deal with and NORTH COFFEE Staff said that they can make USD800-1000 invoice for me with their stamped, so i can only pay USD800-1000 tax and duties, but i don;t know exact how much...

Yikes. I hope that you weren't caught! IMO, it's not worth the risk to save 2% of the FOB or CIF price. I'd rather just let a customs broker deal with all that paperwork etc - it's only like $200 and avoid a whole bunch of potential issues and hassles when importing. You are already saving so much by buying direct - why take a huge risk by lying to customs? Just my 2 cents.


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Apr 17, 2017
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1. Do you know if these factories are not ISO certified for fact? I can name few factories that are ISO certified.
2. In US we do not make Iphones, We have not made TVs in like 10 years. So as you put it, are u saying we can't build the Phones here in US because we do not make them here?
3. Yes there have been many incidents in China where they have used products that are not food quality but do you know for fact make this kind of statement that the roaster are used none food quality metals?
4. How many Chinese roaster have you seen work? One? Two? Maybe none?
5. So you know for fact there is any incident some of the customers have been poisoned by Chinese made roasters? NOT
6. have you ever checked american factories are all ISO Certified or used Food quality metals or not poisoning your customers?

Making all these unsubstantiated claims or points only confuse other members.
There have been many cases some of the Chinese manufactures used faulty paint, metals and other none safe product to threaten our health but if you consider how many things are made by Chinese we have on our table, office and on our backs their products truly have changed our lives in major ways.

I am not a huge fan of Chinese or Turkish made product. I am going to order Probat roaster next year(saving up for them now) but making the faulty statements like above only make us look ignorant and irresponsible.

Bottom line, I hope you do not use any Chinese made home appliances or product... From coffee makers to plastic containers or packaging items for you coffee or shoes you are wearing....

I agree your point.