Christmas Greetings Organic Coffee Pricing !

Oct 27, 2010
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Happy Holidays to All,

In order to Introduce our Signature Organic Coffee, and Make it Affordable
to you are Friends,
For the Next Two Weeks, we will offer this Exceptional Value.

100% Farmer Estate, High Mountain, Shade Grown Arabica Organic Green Beans, USDA Certified,

This Bean shows off its Rich Taste and Supreme Quality, also Wonderful Aroma
with undertones of Chocolate lasting in your Mouth.

From Thailand,
Our Thai Beans are just Spectacular as well, with a hint of Fruity Taste and Citrus.
These are Farmer Estate Grown 100% Organic USDA Certified.

Pricing... $3 Dollars a lb for either one, with the cost of Roasting,
this should be Quite a Nice Profit, and Make a Spectacular Cup.

While Supply Last....Please contact us if you need info, or would like to Pick some up
to Sample.

Thanks again, Rick.
Oct 27, 2010
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Thanks to All of you who replied on this
and other Networks, and those of You who Visited this Post.

Due to Worldwide forecast of Lower Harvest this Year,
Ice and Weather.

Most of Our Gourmet Organic Green Bean has been Sold, Due to its Extreme Quality,
. With a Limited amount available.

We will still have a Large Qty of Roasted Gourmet Organic Available All Year.
These come from All over South America, Mexico and Thailand.

Coffee comes in Dark, Medium, Mild, Decaf, and Espresso, and will be Priced
to Make Everyone a Profit, at about $7 a lb to Introduce it, Comes Bagged with a Swiss Valve
for Max Freshness.