Cleaning Estro Grinder


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Jul 30, 2010
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Does anyone know if there's another way of cleaning the grinder short of taking it apart? I have a grinder that's like a miniature food processor, and I clean it by grinding uncooked white rice. It uses whirring blades in a small open container, however, which makes it really easy to brush out the resulting rice flour. I am concerned that taking the same approach with the grinder in my Estro Barrista would just add to the gunk clogging up the grinder. Seems like there ought to be something about the same size and consistency as coffee beans, but without all the oil, that I can run through the grinder to clean off the oily coffee residue.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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1st I split your post off as we have a trolling policy. Mainly we want people to ask new questions vs finding a post that is older then a year let alone 6 years that may never get another answer.

As to your question yes they do make a product. Its called Grindz by Urnex.

Looks just like a coffee bean except its white. Its made with rice and a few other chemicals that help keep it from gumming up like rice. I've used rice to clean espresso grinders and I've had mixed results. Grindz however does a nice job but you'll need to have some waste coffee to run through it. That will help clean it out of any Grindz residue left from the cleaning process.