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Aug 30, 2006
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I've read somewhere that every 50-100 shots you should clean the group head/screen, handle and baskets with a cleaning agent (i.e. Ascor Detergent). When I make espresso at home I rinse the handle and basket in hot water and towel dry everytime. I also wipe the outside of the group head/screen with a wet cloth and also wipe dry (and also prime next time).

My first question is should I be washing the handle and basket with dawn/palmolive each time, or is my hot water fine? Second, is dish soap fine after the 50-100 shots, on the group head/screen...or do you really need a special cleaning agent?

I love keeping things clean so if you have any other sites to recommend about cleaning, please pass along.

Augh, yes follow TOPHERS link...normal dish soaps can't disolve coffee oil very well. Puro caff, and the like are specifically designed to clean coffee oils and residue. They all have to be rinsed fully and rinsed some more. also you must pull a shot and through it away after cleaning or backflushing.


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Nov 13, 2005
Querétaro, Mexico
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Hi there, in a home machine is not recommended to backflush with any detergent, first check if your machine has a 3 way valve for backflushing.

NEVER use any soap for your machine, you may use Oxi-clean for that and rinse well everytime.

Check your manuals about how can you clean your machine, or cantact a rep.

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Sep 29, 2006
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