Coffee + Chocolate, no milk: does it have a NAME?


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Oct 7, 2020
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Hi guys! My first post in this section of the forum!

So, it sounds like a silly question perhaps, but here it is: is there a name for coffee + chocolate without any dairy in it (or anything else for that sake) ?

Of course, we all know Mocha, but typically Mocha has milk in some way.

I'm asking because I sometimes want to give it a shot at home, but I'd like to have references of recipes that guide me in amounts and kinds of chocolate that would go well enough to mix with an espresso (or a lungo!) as a drink. I'm sure you understand.

But without a NAME for this drink, I just keep finding nothing but mocha recipes with milk on top.

Yet, I mean, there MUST be a name for this... right? :)

Ps: Please don't tell me it's a Mocha-without-milk, there must a better naming for this lol... ?
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Update: I've found other threads about it on other websites, and there are some possibilities.

Some say it is a mocha, even though mochas are quite rarely served that way nowadays. So though technically reasonable, it just doesn't seem to be a thing.

Others mention spanish hot chocolate types, which is fair, but leaning much more to hot chocolate in terms of ingredient amounts, of course.

There is also the Melya coffee, which is often without milk it seems, but it does have honey as well.

Long story short, I'm more and more convinced there ISN'T a specific name for plain coffee (espresso or lungo) + chocolate. Which... to me is quite a shocker? Considering all the possible harmonisations with specialized chocolate, this makes no sense to me.

That said, again, I'm more or less new to this so let me know if you disagree or if you think of something!
My wife likes mocha coffee drinks. Specifically Mocha Lattes. So I made a batch of my own mocha sauce. There is no dairy in the sauce itself whatsoever. But because she likes lattes, lattes have milk in them as we all know. So, if you don't want milk in yours, leave it out. Just use the coffee and the mocha sauce. I've seen that refered to as Mocha Coffee. IF you want to stay away from dairy but want something to take the place of milk, use soy milk, almond milk, oat milk or the like.
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Ok, maybe I should be more clear about the point of my questions :) It's not about liking dairy or not. It's just that if I google for "mocha recipes", I'll find a zillion recipes for coffee + chocolate + milk, 99% in a latte way. It doesn't matter if I use the word "latte" or not.

Yet, what I expected was to find a zillion recipes of how to harmonize coffee (a Yirgacheffe, a Brazilian Mogiana, or whatever) with different kinds of chocolate, say, a Madagascar, or Ecuador, or Menakao, etc.

And I'm just venting my shock to see it's not a thing. And not only that, but also, that the fact that the name "mocha" has been used vastly for latte recipes means even googling for such specific harmonisations becomes quite complicated.