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Oct 4, 2007
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I've been drinking coffee most of my life, first thing I look for in the morning. I've never spent time on breakfast, just a couple of cups of java and I'm all set until lunch time. Is it the caffeine that keeps me from feeling hungry in the mornings? I'm sure the caffeine has something to do with my lean physique :p , must be a metabolism booster? I've recommended trying coffee each morning to my sister, as she's always been a bit overweight (said coffee irritates her stomach). Hmmmmm.
Hi Eddie, yes, it's the caffeine. The caffeine in the coffee works as a stimulant which is why it upsets your sisters stomach, it could also be the acidity level of the coffee she is drinking. The coffee (fluid) itself can fill you up, consider drinking 2-3 glasses of water in the morning...your not hungry, right. Well with the coffee it's a little different because you actually get the volume of fluid along with the stimulant which can supress appetite and increase energy (short term) plus, the caffeine works as a diuretic which pulls fluid from your cells i.e. frequent bathroom trips which can cause dehydration which also decreases appetite. If your sister is dead set on coffee in the morning, she should try coffees from various origins and roasts to see what doesn't bother her, or she could do decaf which will avoid the stimulant affect all together. Hope this helps.
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Alison, thanks for the info. I hope no one argues that you can't substitute a well balanced breakfast for a cup of coffee.
Anyway, I like what you said about trying coffees from different origins, do you mean countries? Which origin would provide less of the acidity that irritates one's stomach? Something from a warmer climate perhaps?
Hi Eddie, I did mean different countries when I said different origins. Indonesian coffee tends to be lower acidity but still has a nice earthy flavor. Colombian is a good balance of boldness and acidity. Coffee should be enjoyable, not painful so your sister needs to be sure she buys a high quality coffee bean that is fresh roasted. This is not something she will find at her local supermarket (who knows how long ago that stuff has been roasted). A good rule of thumb is to consume your coffee within 2 weeks of roasting. Buy less more frequently and store in an airtight container away from light-no fridge or freezer. Hope this helps. Also read some of the other members posts on various beans and roasts for a variety of opinions. There are a lot of knowledgeble people here.
Hi everyone,

Stumbled upon this thread. Anyway, I just wanna share that sometimes a cup of coffee is all I need to survive my morning, too.

I'm a hearty eater, especially fond of heavy breakfasts, but I noticed that whenever a good breakfast is not possible, having a cup of coffee seems to be enough.

Maybe it really has something to do with the caffeine.
I have read that caffeine can suppress the appetite for a while -- but from a health standpoint it can't be too good to perform this substitution too often. Just my two cents.
A good cup of coffee with balanced acidity and notes definitely gets me going in the morning. But I doubt I'd survive a coffee-only diet.
Coffee is good for breakfast. It does not only make us alert and energetic, it also helps improve our attention span, so we perform better on a long task.
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I never drink coffee with my breakfast. Its another interesting story. I got some
problem of acidity in my stomach. Secondly, your stomach usually is not in the state
to accept any warm or hard to digest edible. Coffee is drunk warm. It can harm you
stomach walls and you digestive system can be disturbed.
Coffee is really good for health as it helps in making energetic all the time. But some times excess of every thing may harm you also. So I think taking coffee maximum twice a day is good enough even for coffee lovers to stay healthy and fit.

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