coffee logistics


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Jun 6, 2005
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Someone solve this problem. I live in Guyana, South America, the land of Nescafe and other instant coffees. My wife is opening a coffee/ pastries shop in a few months and we want to provide really good fresh coffee - not espresso based yet- but freshly ground drip.
Question 1: how to bring it in. shipping times are over six weeks; by air might be too costly. I am thinking it is best to ship whole beans vaccuum packed in 1 lb bags.. Trouble is this would be more expensive than buying bulk...
The supplier would need to be in NY area.

Question 2:
We are looking at a number of thermal brewers and I have read comments on them. Which one keeps the coffee hottest and can two of the home models work to begin with? I don't think we will serve over 50 cups a day to begin with.