Coffee newbie, high price for good flavor?


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Sep 12, 2005
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I have not drank coffee in years, and safeway had a sale on there french vanilla and irish cream arabica grinds that you grind in the store. So I bought one of each, got home and found out is was beans , took it back and ground it and brought it back home.....and loved it. Well, the sale was over, and I get a canister of folgers which was on sale now, and oh god, it tastes like dishwater! Well here I am wanting to find a source of a good flavored coffee that I can afford. 8 dollars for 12 ounces just will not make it, a nice functional reasonable grinder would be nice to. I have a 12 cup drip machine I got free from gevalia. I ordered green tea with that so haven't had there coffee. Am I stuck paying high prices to get good flavor? :shock:


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Aug 31, 2005
Denver. Co
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gourmet coffee


Fortunately for you, specialty coffee is not as expensive as safeway would have you think. I can offer you 11 flavor varieties, all roasted from estate grown, high quality 100% arabica beans for around $5/pound. Let me know if you are interested, we package them in bags equal to exactly one 12-cup pot of coffee!!

Jeff Hansford, 303-868-4454 or [email protected]


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Jan 25, 2006
Boston MA area
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Specialty coffee is Middleman coffee

I've looked all over for good coffee and I find that price is not the main factor. High price usually means that 6 or 8 different people made something selling it up the chain to the place you buy it. There are many good sources of the world's best coffees online for anywhere from $4 per pound up.

I got fed up with paying retail so I began importing it myself from Vietnam, because it was the best I could find in any of the Asian, Brazilian, or other markets I haunted for months. Vietnamese coffee is not your usual Arabican coffee, it is primarily Robusta and other varieties, which when grown in their highlands makes incredibly favorful and strong coffee. Try my site if you want to try Vietnamese coffee (Eurogap certified, etc., good stuff), or look for some of the other sources here for good Arabican coffee online that is half what you might pay in the supermarkets. It's probably much fresher too, I know I run through my stock much faster than my local stores.