Coffee online trend


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Oct 18, 2004
Hi, I want to know the coffee online trend...

besides the brand name promotion and services promotion, what else can internet do for coffee industry?

and how would I plan to develop internet for a coffee shop if the trend appears to be profitable?


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Jul 8, 2004

Like any industry, the internet is here to stay in support of them. You shouldn't place any particular type of business outside on the web and think it's a "trend" in actuality, it's the most powerful marketing and sales tool even the little guys can set up shop and generate the same formidable presence as the larger players. It's all up to how involved you want to get with it as to your success.

I highly suggest researching how to actually create pages yourself, this will give you a starting point, or at least some understanding of the process as to how things are created, you'll find simple text and photo's are key to it all and can put the other things, ie. scripting, flash, computer aided techniques to the side and after the fact.

Your goal is initially to get something that's presentable, informative and makes your operation a generally worthwhile place to visit for your target market. Many times have businesses tried side tactics to draw in traffic, and learned the hard way it's a pointless endeavor. You should focus on yoru target market, ask them what they want to see, post it and get under way with it all. Name branding can be superceded by a flashier presentation but you can't cover up quality with any amount of fluff. Value is another animal to tackle as well., It seems the general concensus still thinks the more you spend the better quality you are getting, and especially these days, they are dead wrong.

Use your brain, do some research, don't follow just one opinion, and in fact challenge what is generally accepted, but do so with humility and learn why things are done the way they are before going off on a tangent.

Sorry to give you abstracts here, if there was an espresso inernet business on a buck and a prayer, chances are you'd see it in an infamercial and would have 10million other people trying to do the same thing,. But, like how all of those programs fail miserably for the vast majority that gets involved, it's about originality, effort, thought, gaul and shere "chess style" tactics.


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Oct 18, 2004
The internet is good, inexensive advertising that runs 24/7. If you sell over the net and not just have an informational page up, you can reach customers everywhere. This makes your product available to even rural areas. Those people appreciate good coffee, and a lot of them order products online that aren't available locally.

The most important thing you can do for your business on the net is to make sure your site is professional looking and user friendly.
Offer info to keep customers coming back. Create an online/email newsletter to keep your company fresh in their minds.