Coffee Pods - Manufacturing?


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Oct 12, 2004
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I am curious if anyone can give me some information.

People on my website seem to do a ton of searches for "pods".

I don't know too much about them; never used them.

I'm curious if one can buy a manufacturing machine to make these "pods". I also believe they come in different sizes as well.

I'm curious what the cost might be, and if there is someone who might already be making these and looking for a little business venture. Not sure if there's much opportunities with these, although I see those little home brewing machines are selling like hot cakes. Just giving this a little thought, and decided to post a question.

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Addi'l thought

I'm thinking if I can figure out a way to make these little pods, with fresh roasted, and ground of course, maybe I can sell a few.

Maybe there's a "home machine" people can buy, and make them fresh, right before they use the little home brewers...this way they still use fresh roasted coffee from all you roasters out there!

Seems to me the quality of the coffee in these current pods, is probably lacking to say the least. So how do we tap into this "pods" market with fresh roasted coffee?

Continuing my brain storming.....

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