Coffee Roasting with Heat Guns


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Aug 26, 2016
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I've been researching the easiest way for an apartment dweller without a property of their own to roast coffee. For my situation there's a plug outdoors in the back of our building. I decided a heat gun, stainless steel bowl is the best way. Yankee Prepper on YouTube actually started his own coffee roasting company in North Dakota from his home. His earlier videos featured the best and easiest ways to roast coffee. I'm impressed with the heat gun method and results. However I've found an even better heat gun that comes with a screen to prevent the beans from entering into the gun. It also has a variable temperature control. Other videos recommend not touching the beans with the gun at all. Most of the vids I've seen use the heat guns in violation of the manual's instructions by touching the beans.


Here's the video from YouTuber Yankee Prepper, whose since become a professional coffee roasting business. I love watching his videos.

Here's one of his coffee playlists but he has tons more coffee related videos

Let us know if any of any of you have had good results with this simple method. Here's an article I found with more info. How To Roast Coffee Beans with a Heat Gun
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Feb 28, 2008
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Since you say that you have an electrical outlet in the back of the building, why not get a real coffee roaster? Something small, even if it is a pop corn popper, would probably be safer than using the heat gun, and you'd probably have a better roasted coffee in the end

Here is a coffee roaster that may better suit your needs. It wouldn't take up much storage space in your apartment, too.

I imagine you using the heat gun once, and deciding it is too much of a pain to use, and then ending up getting a "real" coffee roaster instead.

You may as well get one now and save yourself a lot of time, aggravation, and burnt coffee (and fingers).



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Sep 12, 2015
I use to do all my roasting with a heat gun. You can google BM/HG coffee roaster (Bread Machine/Heat Gun) and find all kinds of information on how to build one. They make very good 1 pound coffee roasters and if you can get a used bread machine at thrift store, you can have 1lb roaster for less than $50.00.