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Feb 13, 2010
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Hello Everyone,

I manage a coffee shop in New Orleans and was approached by a local artist who wanted to showcase her artwork in our cafe. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? I am a bit worried about the liability and don’t want any of her work to get damaged accidentally. What kind of response do you get from patrons? Do pieces ever actually sell? Thank you for the help.



As an artist who has hung work in Starbucks and other coffee shops, I have been asked to sign a paper that releases the owner from responsibility for damage, theft, fire, etc.

I signed gladly and I find it to absolutely no big deal. My work sells well and people really like it. ( - not painting in that capacity much these days, more as an illustrator. My paintings appear on each of my coffee labels.

Here is where you may get some grief. The occasional arteest may be a bit of a froot loop (technical term) and say things like "don't let anyone take photos of my art" or "all sales must go through me". Hey, if someone is happy enough to come to the shop and enjoy the art, good for them. But you have plenty to worry about without becoming this person's personal curator. Tell them to leave their number or cards and thank you very much... and only if you really like it.

After all, YOU are the one who is going to have to stare it at all day!




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Feb 24, 2010
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Don't doubt it and accept the deal.
You're the owner of the shop and you are the one to impose the rules: lay down your conditions and see the artist's reaction. You won't lose, in any case.
You can hang them up your walls - they won't be admaged + they will serve as a kind of decoration to your cafe.