Coffee Shop/Cafe partner???

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Jun 30, 2006
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Here's a possibility that might appeal to someone, maybe a barista ready to go out on their own, who wants a shop but might not have the funds or start up cap...

We are looking into finding a partner to help, market, nurture and expand a coffee program for an existing shop. They currently are set up but have not really pushed the program. They don't even open until 11AM and most of their business focus is currently gelato, and very succesful at that.

All the equipment is top of the line including on-site fresh roasting with a brand new roaster. The location is incredible. I would go as far as to classify it as a top ten location for the entire country. No joke, this is Fifth Avenue NYC kind of real estate. The main drag, tight in the middle of downtown in a VERY affluent area south of San Francisco, with a MAJOR university a mile away and nestled in a Silicon Valley population from Google, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Yahoo, Cisco, Oracle, etc.

Good news or bad news is that there is a Peets next door, Starbucks one block down and a number of other shops as well so competition is fierce. BUT, you'd be the only one with fresh roasted coffee! It is also sandwiched in between a very large Borders Book Store and movie theatre with an always swamped Apple Store and famous restaurant across the street.

It could be a very good opportunity for a go-getter who really loves the coffee business. It's a hit the ground running deal as it only requires someone to do it. Everything else is there. Salary + share? Straight commission? Ideas? If you have the drive, let's talk. Shoot me an e-mail if interested. [email protected] or give us a call. 650-325-1795.