Coffee Shops looking for a new Roastery!


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Jan 26, 2009
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Hey everyone, If you are looking for a wonderful coffee roastery who roasts to order. You should let me know if you are interested. I have yet to find anyone that doesnt like our coffee. We are still a small company but we have room to grow. Our goal is to be able to distrubute Grade A coffee to independent coffee shops across the US. We roast to order. Most of our accounts order weekly and we have no problem getting them their coffee. We actually recommend you order weekly. We are all about Quality. We have never had a complaint on our orders and we will continnue to give great customer service. If you are interested we are located in Fort Smith, AR. Rockhouse Coffee Shop/Roastery. Just give me a call and we will go from there. 479-452-2404 ask for Jimmy. He is our Roastmaster. Thank you for your interest! Contact us anytime Monday-Saturday.

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