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Feb 21, 2006
Statesboro, GA
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I was curious in thinking what the public is drinking theese days. And I was wondering if my perception is valid. So how much (%) of drink sales would you break down the following into.

Fraps (cold drinks)
Caps and lattes

Is your shop small, aveage, or large?



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Jun 9, 2006
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What are they drinking?

Hi MrBox,

I think it depends on how you market yourself - including the way your shop is set up and the way your menu is displayed. In my experience, it also matters what area of the country you are in - the more espresso educated, the more espresso drinks.

The little shop I'm working on in the Pacific NW right now does:

5-10% Coffee
10-30% depending on the weather! Fraps (cold drinks)
75% or more Caps and lattes (less on hot days)
5-10% Espresso (assuming you are including both demitasse and americanos)

The large shop I had in Indiana did more like:

35% Coffee
5% Fraps (cold drinks)
50% Caps and lattes
10% Espresso

One idea out there is to organize the shop and menu so that people are more inclined to by the higher profit/priced drinks - caps, lattes, etc.

Have Fun!