Coffee Tree LLC and its Roasters Mark brand -- distributorships

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This group is still active trying to get new people. They just started adverstising again in Buffalo. Thanks to the information on this site I did not go through with the agreement. That and my conversation with them telling me it wasn't a scam confirmed that it was. I hope those affected are successful in chasing these dirtbags down.
This is the number being used in the ad, 866-283-9958. The service I believe says Correo Inc + Southbeach Coffee. Exact same advertisement. Coffee Route must sell, 27 accounts PT Earns $100k.

I did not contact them.

The scam contiunes as they are still advertising the program as of this sunday in the cleveland paper. I am glad I found this forum as I talked to vince and just decided to look on the internet about the company and found this forum. I appreciate as you have saved me a potential major expense. After I read the forum I called Vince back to see what they might say but he has never called back yet his #302246-5648 is still active and may be one some of you can use in your pursuit of refund. Agian I will try to get more information from them if I can and let you know.
People need to call the Delaware DA (302) 577-8600.- I have spoken with them several times now, they are interested in the case and can cooperate with other states - so give them a call.

I realize that there are other states involved but states do cooperate with each other on criminal issues.
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