Cold brew?


Dec 14, 2013
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So, I got a cold brewer for Christmas. I guess cold brew coffee is for people who don't actually like the taste of coffee? I'm pretty sure when they say "better flavor" they actually mean Less flavor.
I'm using a table spoon of medium roast, coarse, coffee grounds for about every 4oz of water and "brewing" at room temperature for 24 hours.
Am I doing something wrong?
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Bummer, my brewer has a 2 liter container with a basket that only reaches half way to the bottom and the basket is full to the brim at 17 tablespoons...
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Looks like a takeya product, but maybe a knock off...
I scanned the label.

A general guideline (but varies WIDELY) is 1:12 ratio coffee/water. After digging through the numbers you are actually using about the right amount of coffee & water. A tablespoon of coffee is approx. 10g so your basket can hold say 170g max. 170g*12 : 2040g water. Water is roughly 30g / oz so you should be using a max of about 68 ounces of water ~ 2L. Label Instructions are OK... I would pre-wet the grinds in the basket. Basically pour a bit of water into the basket and make sure the grinds get wet within the basket. Often coffee will clump and the center will never get wet - somewhat like flour in water if that makes sense. If the grind was wet the best next step is to reduce your water amount.

Lastly, you may simply not like cold brew. It has much less perceived acidity which is the bite in coffee. It can taste lighter in flavor, but watch out for the caffeine. Since you use more coffee than normal, cold brew is higher in caffeine.
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Nah, I think you had it right the first time. This thing either needs a basket that is twice as big or a container that is half the size.

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