Cold brewed "concentrate"... what??


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Jul 30, 2010
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So why is it called concentrate? I drink it straight, no water,no ice, no cream.

I get really pissed when coffee houses want to water it down. They act like what Im drinking is rocket fuel and I often get remarks like "I could never drink it like that!"

Heres how I have to order it
"dont water it down, little ice, no room for cream"

Then again people think Im crazy for getting a small mocha with 4 shots of espresso

If I didnt like caffeine I wouldnt drink coffee.

Nobody thinks its weird when you drink hot coffee black. Not alot of people do it, but its not like "Oh my god, you are gonna die from caffiene overdose!" I always drink my coffee black.

Ive taken to making my own cold brew. Now I can fill up my big mug with no ice to the top with "concentrate"

pfft.. If you pour cold brew into a glass.. Its black, just like it should be. With how people water it down around here.. it looks like freakin iced tea. With probably as much caffiene and flavor!


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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If a coffeeshop has an issue with what you drink simply find another one to patronize. I always encourage people to try something "black" so they can see what a particular coffee really has to offer. I often hear comments about what people have tried and might like or dislike, but then they're typically using 3-14 packets of sugar (3 grams each), creamer, flavored syrups, etc.

Even though I'm a purist at heart I will gladly create any concoction a customer wants/expects. I will go on to say I have "converted" people to either going with black or cutting back on their sugar, cream, etc. simply by having great tasting coffee, which is the foundation of it all anyway. Later!