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Dec 8, 2004
Billings, MT
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I am starting to have trouble with a few of my customers (regular & non-regular) by them bringing in food from other places and then ordering just a bottled water or latte and eating in my establishment. I also serve a limited lunch menu (soup/panini sand).

Since the weather is nicer, I am having to deal with more customers taking advantage with my outdoor seating. What is the best way to handle customers taking advantage of my cafe?

Any suggestions?

Hey Rockcreekcoffee:

Do you have a common area that you share with other merchants or is all of the seating yours only? If it's a common area it might be hard for you to control, but if it is your area exclusively then I would place barriers or poles or something with signage stating that no outside food is allowed in your establishment. Post a sign somewhere that is very obvious before customers enter your place. This way there shouldn't be any doubt of what your rules are...