Compostable coffee capsules -any leads?


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Nov 29, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
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-Reposting because I previously posted in the wrong forum-

Hello! I am planning to open a coffee shop within the next year. I have access to a very good Arabica straight from the farm here in Thailand. I'd like to have it for sale in whole beans bags, but also ground in compostable capsules (Nespresso compatible). I have contacted a couple companies in Australia that offer compostable coffee capsules (let's call them CCCs) but in order for me to have my coffee in them I would have to ship them the coffee and they would ship back the capsules -expensive and long. Does anyone know if there are CCCs out there that I can fill up and seal myself? I can find sealable capsules on Aliexpress but none compostable. Any lead will be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!

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