convection oven for baking?? panini grill?


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Jan 29, 2006
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wondering who has any experience buying a small, countertop convection oven? also a commercial panini grill or an electric countertop grill (I believe Anvil makes them among others). Our old owners had been cooking on George Foreman grills (and going through one a month it seems) and buying quality /muffins are running us 75% COGS. Thoughts?
I do not use this equipement yet but will be introducing paninis at one of stores this year.

I am thinking of getting a small convection ($400-$800) over also soon for another store, although my baked goods wholesale generally run about .65/.75 each, I sell for 1.75 to $2.

I need the oven to finish off "par baked bagels" since they are hard to find delivered in my area.

Let me know what you find out also.
Convection oven, panini grills

The best small convection oven on the market is the NU-VU model# XO-1 . It is a true commercial oven, not a beefed up domestic unit, and produces a very even bake. It will cost you a bit more, but it will be worth it. I have owned one of these for years and it has impressed every professional baker who has ever tried it.

I like the Rosito-Bisani myself, but whatever brand of Panini grill you buy make sure it has a thermostatic control, and not an infinite switch control. Thermostatic controls have temperatures indicated on the dial. Infinite controls just have numbers like 1-10 or sometimes no numbers at all.

You can link through my website to both of these factories. -Dave
Panini Grill

At our coffee house we use the Nuova Simonelli panini grill. It works really well for us. We have had it for a year and 1/2.

When checking out equipment to purchase look at Big they usually have really good prices and sometimes the shipping is free depending on the amount of purchase. We purchased all of our original equipment when we opened and it saved us lots of $$$ in shipping costs.

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