Convenient Access to Papua New Guinea Coffee


New member
Aug 16, 2015
Hi all,

2016 is predicted to produce a bumper coffee yield due to the effect of El Nino on the trees. As such, this means small block farmers such as Kanite and Avina, who won 2014 and 2015 Papua New Guinea Cupping competition, and large renown estates such as Kimel, Sigri, Kongo, etc.. would see significant increase in volumes.

With this, i have following questions which i'd be grateful for any feedbacks:
  1. For overseas buyers/prospectors of PNG green beans , how do you find PNG green bean exporters/farmers, do you go through a middleman or straight?
  2. If through middleman, do you prefer to go straight to the farmers?
  3. Would you be interested in buying lbs of green beans direct from PNG exporters or your current retailers/distributors?
  4. How would an e-commerce platform that serves as a marketplace for PNG green bean, ground, and whole bean be of value to you? This would be a platform where you directly connect to farmers/exporters of your choice and get information of their coffee, or place orders and make payments online.

I would greatly appreciate any feedbacks.