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Jan 4, 2005
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I bought a Cory vacuum coffee pot today. The pot does not have a filter rod. I will buy one on ebay but I need to know if there are different sizes or are they all the same? Also I need to know if there is supposed to be a gasket of any type between the two glass halves of the pot. The mating surface is ground glass and seems to seal fine. I tried it out on the stove and the water did rise into the top half. When I pulled it off the heat it returned very slowly to the bottom. When you make coffee do you pull the pot off the heat right away when the water is all in the top half. It fills up pretty slow and returns pretty slow so I would think you should pull it off right away. I really do need to know if there is supposed to be a gasket between the two halves. Any other information would be very helpful. the pot is marked CORY DCU


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Cory Vacuum Pot

Sounds to me like you have a gasketless cory - they are my favorite. As I understand it, during WWII, when rubber was saved for the war effort, Cory developed the gasketless design. The top & bottom globes were ground flat. The slightest bit of steam-created condensation helped the 2 halves to tightly seal. I use on of these pots all the time, and I find the seal is better than the more traditional gasketed model.

You certainly will need a glass filter rod - tons on ebay all the time. They do come in different sizes, and I believe the only variable is in the height. Both of my Cory pots are 4-6 cup models, so their rods are interchangable (gasketless & gasketed).

My routine is to insert rod, drop appropriate amount of coffee into top globe (while on the stand, not on the pot), and put the water into lower globe. I use pre-heated water from my spring water bubbler. This really speeds up the process, PLUS the already hot water is vaporizing, moistening the top surface! With my burner on (gas range) I let the water temp rise for 30 seconds or so, & then lower the top globe into place. I can see the steam collect as I lower the top globe into place - the seal is ALWAYS tight!

When all the water has risen to the top globe (you will always have a small amt. of water remain in the bottom), I start a tmer for 2 minutes. When 2 min. has gone by, I turn off the burner. The vaccuum process begins in a minute or two, and once all the coffe has returned to the bottom, you can remove the top globe and pour the BEST coffe you can make at home, I believe.

Good luck - I really enjoy my cory gasketless. I bet you will too!