Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee, 100% Arabica


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Jun 6, 2014
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We are Costaricacoffeeonline group. Our group sell Costa Rican Coffee to USA and rest of the world.
We have retail sales throught online shop and wholesale direct from USA.
Costa Rican Coffee
100% of our coffee comes from the Arabica specie, the Caturra and Catuaí varieties, which produce a high quality bean and a cup with better organoleptic characteristics: pleasant, aromatic, and select. The planting of coffee Robusta has been prohibited by law since 1989 because of its inferior cup quality. In addition, the Catimores have stopped being cultivated, on a large scale, to preserve cup quality.
Our coffee is grown in volcanic and low-acidic fertile soil, conditions ideal for production. More than 80% of the coffee area is located between 800 and 1,600 meters (2,625 feet-5,250 feet) above sea level and in temperatures between 17 and 28ºC(62.6ºF-82.4ºF), with annual precipitation between 2,000 and 3,000 millimeters (79 inches-118 inches).
The advanced technology that the Costa Rican coffee producer has used for more than 200 years has allowed the plantations to adapt to the characteristics of each zone. Today Costa Rican coffee is grown in 8 production zones: Brunca, Turrialba, Tres Ríos, Orosi, Tarrazú, the Central and Western Valleys and Guanacaste.
The manual and selective method of picking is used: only ripe berries are selected (at optimal ripeness); this allows the coffee to be more easily washed. Each Costa Rican coffee region signed a Quality Improvement Agreement in which the owners of the processing plants have committed to receive and process only ripe fruit, which guarantees better cup quality.
The Costa Rican coffee sector only uses wet processing, in which the removal of the pulp is done the same day that it is harvested. Also, the classification and cleaning, after removing the pulp, is done before the fermenting process, with the idea of eliminating the remaining pulp and removing possible defective beans.
The sun-dry method is used in the Costa Rican process, one of the more preferred systems of the demanding world markets; the process lasts 7 days. Mechanical drying is also used, which reduces the precise optimal drying time (12% humidity) to only 24 hours.

We offer:
Cafe Forestal Special Reserve.
Café Forestal Monteverde
Café Forestal Tarrazú
Café Forestal Rojo.
All presentations in Whole bean or Ground. We have Fairtrade certification.

we are looking for individuals who would be interested in our coffee
if you are interested please send me a private message and i will be more than glad to help you
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