cup sleeves? best prices and lowest minimums?


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Dec 3, 2010
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So i get calls from tons of companies trying to offer me my own branded cups and sleeves. most of them either want me to buy a supply that'll last me 2 lifetimes, or will cost me my 1st born child.

Who do you guys get your branded supplies from?? i really want my logo on my sleeves but dont want to spend so much money.

the best one i found so far was custom take out international, which offered me .035 per sleeve and a 25 case minimum and 6 colors free. is that as good as it gets or is there anything better?

pleeeeease let me know! i wan to get an order in before winter ends!

I care nothing about sleeves as they slide off, add to the price of the cup/lid, etc. For advertising we buy blank stickers and print our logo right onto these circle stickers. Then I stick one on each lid, that way the person sees the logo every time they take a sip and it makes it easier for people around them to see where the cup came from as well.

I should also add that I hate using hot paper cups, which usually require sleeves unless they are double insulated. The best cup I've found so far is the Dart Fusion and matching dome lid. I know they're foam, but foam doesn't cause anymore environmental damage than the process used to make hot paper cups. I know this thread is regarding sleeves, just throwing out other options. Later!
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I can see where you're coming from with the sleeves, but i dont think i need to remind the initial customer where they're getting they're cup of joe from. My main thing is getting branded. I feel like a coffee sleeve speaks a lot louder than having a sticker on a lid(thats how i see it).

Shhh! how dare you say the "f" word. HA! (no offense). It's just that my area is totally getting rid of the use of foam in all restaurants. Im sure the fusion cup is great and all, but if i stuck those in my store i'd probably get closed down.

Have you gotten branded sleeves in the past? If so, from what company? The next step i was looking into, after hopefully growing with branding, is to move to the double insulated PLA cups i've been hearing about.

So does nobody get sleeves around here? help me out!
If your main goal is to "get branded" how about selecting a sleeve that's one color and forget the printing. For example, as time goes on, when people see a yellow or blue (or whatever color you choose) sleeve on someone's coffee cup they will recognize that it's from your place.

I'm sure you have lots of other things to spend money on besides imprinting coffee cup sleeves.

Just a thought.

I have used several types of sleeves on hot paper cups and despise them. Never seen any that actually stay on the cup well and barely do a decent job of insulating.

I would/could care less about what all businesses are doing as I love the Fusion FOAM cup. It's great in price, has excellent insulating properties and it's one cup/lid I never have to worry about collapsing and burning a customer.

Then you have the customers that ask if you're being environmentally responsible and buying compostable cups and/or cups made from recycled materials. Quick answer is NO because they are too damn expensive, most customers could care less as it's just a vessel in which to get coffee into their mouth and then they're tossed and hardly ever reused.

Those that think FOAM is so destructive to the planet should actually read into exactly what goes into it as well as other cup materials.Oh yeah, should I mention FOAM again :) Later!
Would also like to add that if your product is good enough you can serve it in the simplest cups known to man and they always remember. We make sure to add the stickers if we are at an event (we are mobile btw) and really want those passing by to know who the customer bought that cup from. Later!