Current roast you're into at the moment


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May 5, 2008
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I'm sure we all are jumping around from roast to roast to widen our pallet and find out what we're into more. But what is the roast that's most currently really satisfied you? Mine changes almost weekly, but the last most satisfying one for me was the one I had this morning for the first time in a while (oddly enough): Peet's Italian Roast.

I've been a fan of Peet's for a while now, even though I'm always trying as much as I can, Peet's never lets me down. Just picked up an Italian Roast for the first time in a while, I almost forgot what it tasted like. It was truly satisfying. Very smooth velvety texture, deep and dark but not overdone, subtle quickly decaying finish. Rich, but great if you want a dark blend slightly less intense than a french roast. I imagine it would blend very well with dark espresso.

Please give the company/coffee shop, describe the experience, etc.
Jan 18, 2008
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Replica you ask? Well, would you pay $1,150 for a replica manual grinder?
I guess that answers that then....... ha ha ha, right.

Yeh, it is a replica, but I've been using it for months, whenever I get whole bean coffee in and it's been great (for the deltoids).

$15 on ebay! :D Ain't she a beauty though?