dark roast vs. light roast etc.


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Jul 3, 2005
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Hi I am fairly new to the board, I thought I would post my question, I have been searching for information about which roast has more CAFFEINE? Dark vs. Light or Medium. Basically I found the following info that helped me answer my question, but what follow up do any of you have?
pasted from my info site: any comments.

The longer coffee beans are roasted the darker the bean… Caffeine is cooked out of the bean as it is roasted, lighter roasts have more caffeine. Lighter roasts will have a more mellow body and distinctions between beans are more noticeable


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Aug 15, 2005
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the darker the roast

The darker the roast, the lower the acidity also...
If you find a company that only offers Dark Roast on all of their beans, it most likely is not an issue of that being the best for the bean, but rather their attempt to mask the imperfections of the bean itself.

The best way to tell a good bean is at a medium roast and a cup that can sit for a few minutes and still be full of flavor and body.

Well, well, I I only roast dark, than I'm actually using subpar beans? Hmm, point well taken that any roaster should be a ble to roast to any degree. Maybe thier model is to be the exclusive finest french roast around. I' alway go by the taste in the cup, not the inference of opinion derived from the roast degree. I personaly like fine grade A french rosted espresso; and the presentation on a flavored latte. However: Customers seem to prefer in genreral the sweetness of the light roast. I'm sure the are some dirtbag roasters out there, but I don't know any. As far as caffine content: I was told By Steve Diedrich, that caffine is a very stable molicule and that the roasting process does not significantly affect the caffine content. Some people believe that white roasted coffee has 2x the caffine as light/dark roast and you know .....I just don't believe it. When lighter coffee can replace Ritalin, I' be an exclusive light: very light: white coffee roaster.


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Re: darkside

La Crema Coffee said:
Well, well, I I only roast dark

La Crema Coffee said:
I' alway go by the taste in the cup, not the inference of opinion derived from the roast degree

There are some beans that do not stand up well to dark roast. At dark (French) roast they lose their regional or varietal characteristics. If you only roast dark because your customers only buy dark beans, maybe you can educate them a little by cupping same coffee at different degree of darkness with them? No offense, and I am in no way imply yours are, but some dark roasts are like steak beyond well done -- not fit for human consumpton. Don't get me wrong, in the Northeast, we have plenty of light cinnamon roast equally not fit for human consumption.
light is right/dark is cool

I agree, about some beans....really is was more about caffine content rather that what roast is " better" in the NW darker is seen alot, and I have two grinders in one of my stands; not d-caff and reg, but French and cinamon...:)

Also I have my roasted white coffee preground,and my swiss h20 d-caff preground.