Designing a menu.. Can someone enlighten me please?

Hello! My husband and i are starting an espresso bar in a downtown neighborhood, close to area bussiness'' and new apartments. We went from having specialty coffee drinks and pastry - people giving us advice, to have Paninis and soups and salads, which equal $$$ but really didn''t want to get into that aspect of it all. Can i have some opinions from other barista''s please. i''m starting to have panic or no food. We have only 650 sq ft to work with.Which we had to do a build out of a handicap bathroom, so even less than that.I will be awaiting anyone advice...Thanks!
650 sq ft? Take away a handicap bathroom plus hallway, you will have less than 600 sq ft to work with. You can fit your counter, 10 seats, a two door refrigerator and a small ice maker and no more. If you have a basement for food prep, then maybe. Otherwise there is no way you can fit all the stuffs needed to properly do food stuff right. I am in the middle of building a 850 sq ft place, and I have barely enough room just to do beverages and pastries.