Did anyone go with Seekers Coffeehouse?


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May 13, 2005
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Hi, I very much enjoyed the discussion on Christian Coffeehouses. Thank you for the link to Seekers. Did anyone decide to go with Seekers as the franchise option? It seems as though that is exactly what I have in mind for my coffeehouse, however, I was trying to go on a lesser budget than what they are offering. Is it even possible to do something similiar to Seekers for less than those franchise costs? I have only researched independent opportunities. I hadn't even considered a franchise until I checked them out. Thank you.


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Jun 3, 2005
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Hi, there. New to the forum here.

I didn't know Seekers was a franchise but there is one here in In. and it is doing very well. We are planning on opening something similar but our niche is slightly dif. We have quite a few Christian based coffee houses here in In, and "The Example House" in Chi town is like a coffee comunity center with full concert facilities and so on. For us, we looked into the "competition" so to speak and decided that specializing was the key to success, so we chose an outside of coffee specialization for the draw (music specifically), and have the coffee shop as the base income maker. Our plan is to sub contract for pastries and specialty chocolates, we already have the chef and independant confectioner lined up...Our name is "Coffee N Praise".

Looking forward to talking, listening and learning from the many wired minds here. :)