Diedrich Infra-red roasters


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Aug 11, 2004
North Georgia, USA
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Here we go...does anyone have experience with Diedrich infra-red roasters AND conventional atmospheric type roasters? And if not - please don't post and confuse the topic!

But, if you have used both an atmospheric roaster (such as a Probat or Ambex) and a Diedrch IR- roaster, how do you think they compare? Does the radiant heat of the IR roaster actually provide the depth of flavor that "traditional" gas roasters offer? Or, does it "bake" the beans more like an electric roaster using radiant heat?


Carmine Domenaco

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Oct 10, 2007
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Diedrich roasters are well built and can produce nice coffees. Older models cannot handle their stated capacity in a reasonable time. This has been addressed and isn't as much of an issue now.

The IR system is less intense, which can be good and bad. If the roast slows down too much and you get behind your curve you can't catch up.

Roast times tend to run a little longer (16.5-18 mins vrs 14-16.5 mins), but with an IR but in the cup seems fine. The big give away to baked coffees that are roasted way too long is the excessive volume of coffee. A pound will just fit into a bag.

The AB systems can be prone to roast too quickly unless you are paying close attention to your flame and gas pressure. Scorching, tipping and uneven roasts are the downsides to a poorly run AB machine

All of the machines you mentioned can produce fantastic coffees, but each one has pitfalls and requires good training up front. That said, Probats might not be the best for a beginner because there is not much educational support from the factory.

Diedrich and Ambex have very good programs for roaster training and are very responsive to their clients needs. They'll give you many of the tips you need to get the best out of your coffee.

I've roasted on all three brands and currently work on two probats.