Differences between Bialetti and Imusa ?


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Apr 24, 2008
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I''m a bit of an espresso noob and am in the market for a simple stovetop maker before i take the plunge into one of the more fancy ones. Anyway I was considering the Bialetti Moka but now I keep seeing these Imusa brand ones (which are apparently geared toward the Hispanic demographic according to www.imusa.com.co). They are about half the price of most Bialettis and appear to be the same exact thing minus being made in China vs Italy for Bialetti. Anyone have any experience??

http://www.target.com/Imusa-Espresso-Co ... rh=&page=1

Also, should I be looking for a stainless steel one as opposed to aluminum or is it really not much of a big deal?

Thanks for any input :) !