Disposal of unwanted Green coffee (full bags)


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Jun 16, 2023
York, UK
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Earlier this year we were sent a pallet of Green robusta coffee which was pretty much unusable due to age and taints. We complained and were refunded for the coffee which was a relief.

This did however leave us with multiple full , unopened sacks of green coffee which we have no use for and need rid of.

This led us to the new dilemma, how do you safely dispose of multiple large 60kg sacks of green coffee... ??

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!




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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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I walked into a roasting job once that the previous roaster had bought trash coffee. I had around 20 bags I couldn't use. We built a couch out of I believe 15 of them. Put a price tag on what the amount we would have made buy the cup and and a disclaimer that shipping and assembly was not included. I felt bad, women would sit on it with their nice black evening gowns...lol. If you have ever sat on a bag while wearing black..you know. Sadly after about 3 months the floor people hit it with a buffer and that was the last of the couch :(