Do you have coffee equipment collecting dust? Cultivating through Coffee


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Jun 20, 2016
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Do you have coffee equipment collecting dust? I am a teacher in Georgia and a roaster on the side. I am working with our ecomoically disadvantaged students that will most likely not graduate from high school. These are the students that do not qualify for the regular school work program. I am attempting to open a local roaster/ coffee shop with a partnership with the school system to train these students with job experience and life skills. I am in need of anything and everything that would be useful for a roaster/coffee shop. I was wondering if anyone would consider donating items. I was once a student like this, father in prison, failing school, and living a life of crime. Then someone invested in me. I now have my Doctorate in Education. Please help change the course of a few students. Some children have a greater chance of going to prison simply by being born in certain zip codes. Your assistance could make a major impact on these students. Thank you for your consideration and time.